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Video Creation

Experts in video creation, one of the most promising movie production companies on the East Coast.

Here at Spitzflix, we have created plenty of original content that shows movies and original content do not just come from the West Coast. Teaming up with David Mixner again, we shot a pilot featuring him and the incredibly talented Judith Light. This talk show concept brought refreshing heart and laughter to the genre and illustrates how we are committed to turning seemingly tried concepts on their heads.

We took on the fast-paced world of restaurants and the grittiness of reality television with our scripted series concept, Dine. When a reality film crew is invited to explore the inner workings of the hottest restaurant in New York City, intrigue, sex, and scandal reveal themselves. We enjoyed breaking down barriers with this project and working to explode the conventions of both mediums. Our ability to think outside the box is what separates us from other movie production companies. We do not feel comfortable working inside boxes. Rather, we seek to explode the boundaries of genres and expectations alike.

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