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20 million dollars for a renovation is not exactly pocket change. So you can imagine just how honored we were to be tapped to document the unveiling of the newest, most high-tech, flagship dealership for BMW in North America. A complete media package consisting of HD video and still photography detail every sleek, gleaming corner and angle of this, the ‘ultimate driving machines’ new ultimate New York City home.



Our friends at MINI invited us back to create a media package that reflected the brands fun and lighthearted nature.  Having worked with them on the ‘Not Normal Sales Event’, and for the ‘NY Auto Show’, they felt we really understood just how to translate “Just Motor” visually, the best. 


When Kitchen Aid and The Daily Meal came to us to produce a cooking series with chef blogger Kelly Senyei, we thought it sounded like delicious fun - and so ‘D.I.Y. vs. Buy’ was born.  Kelly showed us how to “do it yourself” at home, instead of “store buying” everything from pasta to granola bars, all using Kitchen Aid appliances.  We even produced additional cuts for them to post to Instagram. YUM! 


We teamed Pedras water up with our close friend Iron Chef, Top Chef and Top Chef Masters winner Elizabeth Falkner to talk about the mineral water that she personally turns to when cooking, eating, and even competing. Cheers!  


We were thrilled to be part of an internal series for the jewlery icon, Cartier. Shot in their exquisite, historic flagship store on 5th Aveune. "C'est Magnifique!'

Media Production

BMW 640i

Original commercial that we created for BMW of Manhattan of their new 640i coupe. "Be moved."


We learned that there is definitely a better way to open and keep wine fresh.  Meet the Coravin. A wonderful new device that keeps air out of the bottle, and freshness in. Cheers!   


Lingerie should be a seductive, tasteful tease, and that was our vision when we produced this piece for BEXnyc. The simple, classic elegance of black and white, light and shadow, combined with basic elements such as water, fire, smoke, and air, give you just a subtle glimpse of what may lie beyond.   


BD returned to us in a big way for the ‘BD Helping Build Healthy Communities’ initiative video. After working with them on previous internal projects, this project took us from a clinic in a remote Native American Reservation in Utah, to rural clinic in North Carolina. We followed the progress made by BD grant money awarded to local clinics to help them continue the great work they are doing in their local communities. 



MINI came to us to enter into a nation wide competion conducted by MINI USA called the Not Normal Sales Event, and we thought it sounded like MAJOR fun!  The  theme was on old style arnival atmosphere and we wound up Winning First Runner Up!  Grab some cotton candy and pop corn and check out the light hearted 'Just Motor Fun'! 


Testimonials are always one the best ways to promote a brand or product. For The Digital Film Academy in New York City, we spoke to past and current students at the school (and some faculty as well), to find out their experiences, and what they got out of their particular program.  Keep an eye out for these rising stars! 

We did a quick socially sharable  piece for MINI to use and promote their booth at the New York Auto Show in the Javits Center.  



Zufall Health Center in Dover New Jersey was one of the very first clinics to be awarded grant money from BD for thier Helping Build Healthy Communitites initiative, and we were there to document this worthwhile event and speak with some staff and patients alike.   



Miami Swim Week was the perfect backdrop to launch and promote South Florida based La Croix water's new flovors.  We brought in Real Housewife of Miami Star Marysol Patton to host a Swim Week Fashion show and celebrity mixolgolist to stir up some fancy La Croix Mocktails for a super cool event in hot Miami Beach. Cheers!    

Friends Taking Selfie


We collaborated with Propel water, celebrity trainers, and Grammy-nominated Best New Artist Tori Kelly to create a one of a kind pop up fitness studio.  Celebrity DJ Hannah Bronfman and fitness enthusiast was also on hand to keep the beats pumping.     

At the Dentist


We chatted with Miami celebrity cosmetic dentist to the stars, Dr. Alberto Meza on the Red Carpet, and created something for him that he just couldnt stop smiling about. Say Cheese!  

Little Girl at the Grocery Shop


Working together with Celebrity Page TV and BJ's Wholesale Club for some national television  exposure on some great shopping gift ideas and fantastic deals for the whole family.  


It was our delicious treat to get to work with Celebrity Chef Art Smith and Civil Rights Activist David Mixner for Barilla Pasta.  Buon Appetito! 

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