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Production Companies Near Me

If you are searching for production companies near me, look no farther than Spitzflix, industry leaders in film production in New York, Miami, and Washington D.C.

Our company is based in three global cities and has worked for some of the world’s leading luxury brands and with several leading personalities. We oversee projects from beginning to end, from concept to final cut. Even if you only have a kernel of an idea, our talented team can help you grow that idea into a polished final product that will meet the customer’s objectives and satisfy viewers. We are a total film production company who has experience necessary to fulfill your vision, no matter.

In order to gauge what we can do for you, all you have to do is look at our previous work for major branded campaigns. For example, when BMW North American spent $20 million renovating their Manhattan dealership, they reached out to Spitzflix to craft a total media package for the event. Our work included High Definition video and still photographs that showcased the renovations, from every pane of glass on the building to each wonderfully rounded corner of the cars themselves. Our work accentuated the technical and modern principles that define the BMW brand, the “ultimate driving machine.” Work like this shows how we are committed to capturing the essence of a particular brand in our work. Likewise, the iconic carmakers MINI Cooper used Spitzflix for both the New York Auto Show and their “Not Normal Sales Event”, both of which highlighted the light-hearted driving experience encompassed in the classic MINI car.

In addition to working for leading auto manufacturers, we also boost an impressive and wide-ranging portfolio of branded campaigns for Kitchen Aid with Kelly Senyei, Edras Mineral water with Iron Chef winner Elizabeth Falkner, and lingerie brand BEXnyc. No matter the vision or the product, our creative team can craft the package necessary to embody the spirit of your brand.

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