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Creative Service Company

We are a creative service company with the skills and experience necessary to help your commercial production.

At Spitfzflix, there is nothing we like more than a challenge. Our work speaks to our ability to take interesting concepts and run with them, with amazing results to show. Take, for example, the videos we created for Bark Box. We could not think of a better project for us to sink our teeth into. After all, founder James Andrew Sands named the company after his dog, a Japanese Spitz! How do you spread the word about Bark Box? Well, film several videos of dogs and cats playing with and reacting to a whole host of fun toys and household objects. From a mop, to remote control cars, Roomba vacuum cleaners, or 100 blue balls, our furry cast was purfect to work with.

In 2014, Global Visual Group came to us with an interesting concept: a comedic series starring mannequins. Our talented group produced a hilarious, cost-effective, and wonderful final product. If we can bring life to these mannequins, imagine what we can do for your idea or brand. Our creativity and original thinking was also showcased in our show Secret Ingredients. Working with Chef Elizabeth Falkner and comedian Judy Gold, we helped redefine the cooking show by creating this wild, wacky, and always delicious series. The Travel Channel used Spitzflix to shoot Anthony Melchiorri’s visit to his hometown, Coney Island, a journey that combined family and food in a meaningful, contemplative manner that proved a hit with viewers.

No matter your vision, we can help you achieve it. We live by our company motto: your vision is our focus. This is not just a motto, it is a daily challenge to our creative team every day. Contact us today with your ideas and we can help bring them to life.

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