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Media Production Company

Spitzflix is a media production company with a dynamic portfolio of work, from Cartier watches to Healthy Community initiatives.

We pride ourselves on the diverse work we have produced for several different companies and individuals. It is a privilege to have worked with luxury watch brand Cartier, shooting in their historic store on Fifth Avenue, but our work is not just made in New York City. Our creative team has travelled far and wide across the country and the globe to help clients share their message, and their passions, with audiences worldwide. At Spitzflix, we care about giving back to our communities as much as we do about media production, which is to say a lot! We are more than a media production company, we want to help change the world for the better.

We have documented the positive change grant money from BD had in creating healthier communities in cities like Dover, New Jersey. BD returned to Spitzflix when they expanded their “Helping Build Health Communities” initiative and our production team went to a Native American reservation in Utah and rural North Carolina to illustrate the difference BD was making in the health of every day Americans across the country. Additionally, our team also worked with the New York Road Runners Charity marathon to

During 2013 New York Fashion Week, we partnered with Clout 5 and I MOVE to host a star-studded event promoting Safe Sex not just in New York City, but across the globe. It is not just products we help sell, but we want to circulate ideas that have a positive change in individuals and within our communities. We have also partnered with Barilla Pasta and LGBTQ+ and environmental activist David Mixner to spotlight leaders in several civil rights and environmental movements. Barilla has become one of most inclusive and diverse companies to work for, and we were glad to help them promote these champions of human rights across the globe. In both cases, we took the positive message of both movements and helped create meaningful messaging that not only looked good, but did their timely cause justice.

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